A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people 

Mohandas Gandhi

For Diary:

November 7-10-2019                     Open Studios: paintings/ prints/ photography. 

17 Sept- 25 Oct 2019                     Under African Skies. Solo exhibition. Karamel, 4 Coburg Rd, London N22 6UJ                                    



Past Events 

 August 2019                                   Photographic expedition to the Faroe Islands                                                     

 October 2018                                 The 2018 London Photo Show. The Bargehouse Gallery. South Bank. London SE1 9PH

 September 2018                             Open Studios: paintings/ prints/ photography. www.chocolatefactoryartists.co.uk 

 June 2017                                       'Friendship'. Salon des Refuses Summer Exhibition. Islington. London

 December 2016                              The 2016 London Photo Show II.  5thBASE GALLERY.   London E1 5LJ.

 November 2016                              Open Studios: paintings/ prints/ photography. www.chocolatefactoryartists.co.uk      

 September 2016                             The 2016 London Photo Show I.  5thBASE GALLERY.      London E1 5LJ.